10 Ways John Milton's Paradise Lost Is Like a Bad Comic Book

Yes, it's a great achievement of English literature. Yes, it's a deep work of spiritual belief and should be given due consideration. And yet, for some reason, Paradise Lost stumbles over the same things that bad comic books do. We're going to look at ten mistakes that serial-fiction writers make — even the famous… » 1/18/13 10:54am 1/18/13 10:54am

Did John Milton invent science fiction?

He's Khan Noonien Singh's favorite poet — but is Milton also the creator of science fiction? Milton met Gallileo, and worked lots of sciencey details into his work, and Paradise Lost hints at life on other planets. There's also Milton's "obsession with secret, all-powerful technologies." Check out Slate for all the… » 12/24/12 1:42pm 12/24/12 1:42pm