Sleepy Hollow’s “Sin Eater” is an Everytrope Gift Basket

You're probably familiar by now with the madcap trope-deployment rate of the magic-cop show Sleepy Hollow. Turns out if you leave the show unattended for three weeks, those tropes back up — and when you turn the TV back on, it's a cross-dimensional guest-star-heavy hyper-flashback Masonic suicide pact with sin-eater… »11/05/13 2:48pm11/05/13 2:48pm

Listen to the Fringe cast's real accents in this farewell video

If you're still jonesing for more Fringe, consider this your last methadone shot — Fox just released this video of the cast saying goodbye (sometimes in their native Australian accents) to the fans. It probably would have made more sense for Fox to post this before January 18th, when the Fringe finale actually… »1/29/13 10:40am1/29/13 10:40am

So now we know what Fringe was really about, all this time

The producers of Fringe promised a couple years ago that there was a meaning to the show that they hadn't fully shared with us, which we would understand when we saw the final episode. And after last night's final showdown with the Observers, that meaning seems pretty clear: Fringe was a show about fatherhood, and the… »1/19/13 6:00pm1/19/13 6:00pm

Fringe is the story of a family doomed to tragedy

Last night's episode of Fringe contained a major callback to the show's very first season — and yet, it underscored just how much Fringe has changed since then. By now, the story of Walter Bishop and his son from another universe, Peter, has become a byzantine tragedy. And last night's episode made it pretty clear… »11/10/12 1:00pm11/10/12 1:00pm

I'm calling it now: The Fringe team will beat the Observers with human decency

And no, that headline isn't a spoiler, because I have no inside information. But Fringe has already given us a clear hint about where the show is going: The telepathic bald Nazis from the future will be defeated, not by becoming as ruthless and monstrous as they are, but by reclaiming our compassion and humanity. You… »10/06/12 12:00pm10/06/12 12:00pm

At last, Fringe shows us a world where Walter Bishop is a hero

Part of the fascination of Fringe over the past four years has been seeing Walter Bishop atone for his many sins, partly by grappling with their lasting consequences. A lot of the worst stuff the Fringe Division had to cope with was due, one way or another, to Walter's mistakes. So it's really fascinating, once and… »9/29/12 2:00pm9/29/12 2:00pm

On Fringe, confronting your demons is just what the bad guy wants you to do

Many science fiction and fantasy stories feature a theme of facing your inner demons in order to conquer evil. This is one of the most common tropes, because it allows us to see people getting over their baggage — something we all agree is good, in these therapy-obsessed times — and making the world a better place in… »5/05/12 6:00pm5/05/12 6:00pm

On Fringe, the Love of Shapeshifters Vs. the Love of Doppelgangers

Once again, John Noble stole an episode of Fringe despite being largely sidelined. He only had a handful of scenes as Walter, and he was mostly stuck at HQ as Walternate. But there's no doubt who the most magnetic character on this show is. Both Walters revealed something about themselves and made some tough… »1/21/12 3:30pm1/21/12 3:30pm

This Week's TV: Welcome back Fringe and Supernatural. Plus 5 Brand New Shows!

The fall season is in full swing this week, with tons of TV shows returning — including the season premieres of Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Supernatural and several other shows. But there are also a number of series premieres, including Person of Interest, the creepy new show from Jonathan Nolan and J.J.… »9/19/11 12:00pm9/19/11 12:00pm