425-year-old map offers new clues to the disappearance of the lost Roanoke Colony

The fates of the Roanoke colonists, who vanished from the banks of what is now North Carolina in the late 16th century, have never been fully settled. While several native tribes claim their descent from Roanoke colonists (and Supernatural saddled the settlement with a demon virus), a 425-year-old maps suggests that… »5/05/12 4:00pm5/05/12 4:00pm


Alien, as written by an 11-year-old who never saw the movie before

In 1979, designer John White was 11 years old and had never seen Ridley Scott's Alien. Still, that didn't stop him from writing his own comic book adaptation of the film using markers and notebook paper. Explains White — who has also released his nine-year-old self's take on Star Wars — of his reference material: »1/31/12 1:50pm1/31/12 1:50pm