The only thing that makes this baby stop crying is the Star Wars theme

Well, because the only thing that makes him stop crying is the original Star Wars opening theme by John Williams. So unless you walk around screaming all day in misery until you too hear the Star Wars theme — which would be much less socially acceptable from an adult than an infant — then this baby has the edge. »11/11/13 9:20am11/11/13 9:20am

A Lovely Short Film About a Boy and the Robot He Can't Get Rid Of

In John Williams' Paraphernalia, Atari Withers seems to be living the eight-year-old dream. Wherever he goes, he's followed by his robot pal. But even though the robot cleans his rooms and fixes his toys, Atari resents his mechanical companion. As this short continues, however, we learn that Atari's relationship… »12/23/12 12:00pm12/23/12 12:00pm