Transcendence Has Some Of The Dumbest Smart People We've Ever Seen

What went wrong with Transcendence? This movie was supposed to be the new science-fiction hotness. An original storyline about artificial intelligence and brain-uploading, the directorial debut of Chris Nolan's cinematographer Wally Pfister, a great cast... and yet, it's getting widely panned. Why did the A.I.… » 4/18/14 9:00am 4/18/14 9:00am

Lone Ranger is Johnny Depp's tribute to shitty superhero origin films

Lone Ranger appears to be many things, including: 1) A mistaken attempt to revamp a 1950s cowboy show for 21st-century audiences. 2) A Pirates of the Caribbean film where Captain Jack has a bird on his head. But really, it's a celebration of craptastic origin stories, that takes them to their ultimate level of crap. » 7/03/13 9:00am 7/03/13 9:00am

New Lone Ranger trailer actually has a few funny moments

The crew behind Pirates of the Caribbean is also responsible for the new Lone Ranger movie — so it's probably not surprising that the supernatural cowboy movie is kind of a send-up. The first two trailers made the film look like kind of a serious action movie, but thankfully this new one has some silly. » 4/17/13 1:14pm 4/17/13 1:14pm

New Lone Ranger trailer repaints our hero as an Old West Batman

Check out the latest trailer for Gore Verbinski's strangely supernatural Lone Ranger movie, and get an earful of the first Johnny Depp "kemosabe" delivery. This has potential to be either the very best, or the absolute worst. But we know one thing for certain, Depp is going to steal this movie right out from under… » 2/03/13 3:15pm 2/03/13 3:15pm

First Trailer for Gore Verbinski's Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger is a…

Here's the first ever trailer for Gore Verbinski's Lone Ranger, which is a bit darker and much more supernatural than we expected. Turns out Armie Hammer is a Spirit Walker (a man who can not be killed in battle, and has been to the "other side"). Second big surprise? Johnny Depp doesn't completely walk away with… » 12/11/12 12:30pm 12/11/12 12:30pm

Johnny Depp takes the lead in Dark Knight cinematographer's directorial…

There's plenty of buzz surrounding Wally Pfister's first outing as a director. And for good reason — this is the cinematographer behind all of Chris Nolan's Batman films, and many other pictures. Adding to the potential excitement, Johnny Depp has agreed to star in his science fiction movie Transcendence. » 10/24/12 2:45pm 10/24/12 2:45pm

Tonto flaunts his bird-hat in the first trailer for The Lone Ranger

The first trailer for Disney's The Lone Ranger has hit the scene. According to these minutes of teaser footage, it looks like Cameron Winklevoss has time-traveled back to the Old West to prevent a chrono-hopping Mark Zuckerberg from building the Transcontinental Railroad. Or something of the ilk: » 10/03/12 7:15am 10/03/12 7:15am

We saw the first footage of Johnny Depp as Tonto in Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger has become almost a legendary trainwreck at this point — but nobody's seen a single frame of it. Until today. Delayed until 2013 while the studio scrambles to salvage something from the mess, The Lone Ranger features Johnny Depp as Tonto (wearing crazy white makeup) and Armie Hammer as the titular Lone… » 7/12/12 4:42pm 7/12/12 4:42pm

Dark Shadows could make all other vampire movies obsolete

Many people will probably say that the problem with Dark Shadows is that it can't decide if it's a comedy, or a gothic weirdfest. They are missing the point. It is neither. The "humor" in this movie is an anesthetic. The "weirdness" is a needle. Neither is an end in itself, something you'll only realize as the last of… » 5/11/12 9:00am 5/11/12 9:00am