Starship Troopers 3: Because Johnny Rico Should Live Forever

Returning roughneck Casper Van Dien (THE Johnny Rico) introduced new cast member Jolene Blalock (Lola Beck) and some new clips from the direct-to-DVD Starship Troopers 3 Marauder at New York Comic-Con. After watching all four clips I can safely say that Starship Troopers is back. Get ready for more obviously biased… »4/20/08 4:00pm4/20/08 4:00pm


Starship Troopers III Actually Based On Heinlein Novel This Time

The writer of Robocop and the original Starship Troopers is bringing his bizarro brand of political satire to Starship Troopers III, his directorial debut. We'd been lukewarm about yet another direct-to-DVD sequel of Paul Verhoeven's classic actioner, but the clips and Q&A with Ed Neumeier, plus stars Jolene Blalock… »2/23/08 9:40pm2/23/08 9:40pm