Black Mirror's Christmas Special: A Yuletide Nightmare You Have To See

The idea of Black Mirror, the twisted British dystopian series, having a Christmas special might seem odd. But while White Christmas does give us a dark near future that's not all tinsel and lights, its trio of tales is really all about a truly Christmassy message of compassion and empathy. Spoilers ahead... » 12/17/14 3:00pm 12/17/14 3:00pm

Black Mirror's Christmas Special Trailer looks Wonderfully Creepy

Charlie Brooker's creepy British dystopian series Black Mirror is back this month for a one off feature-length Christmas Special. Nothing says Christmas like sinister Jon Hamm and a real life version of Social Media's blocking functions, right? » 12/04/14 11:00am 12/04/14 11:00am

Jon Hamm and Oona Chaplin will be in Black Mirror's Christmas Special

Charlie Brooker's fantastic dystopic anthology series Black Mirror is returning to Channel 4 later this December for a Christmas special - and it's got one hell of a cast. » 9/29/14 11:00am 9/29/14 11:00am

New banner for Zack Snyder's hyper-stylized Sucker Punch gets in your…

The premise for Sucker Punch might be a bit muddled, but the imagery grabs your face by the ears! This latest banner is no exception, Zack Snyder's army of ladies is almost dancing through this surreal war-torn world. » 1/11/11 10:12am 1/11/11 10:12am

A Crazy Man Sax Curse And Greg The Alien Reproduces on SNL

Last night on Saturday Night Live the skits were filled with The Lost Boys sax man curses and the return of Greg, who is not an alien. Check out the best of the night with special host Jon Hamm. » 1/31/10 3:10pm 1/31/10 3:10pm

More Awesome Pictures Of Nic Cage's Superman Test Outfits?

You've all seen the super shiny long-haired Nic Cage-as-Superman supposed test shot. Now we've, umm, uncovered some other "pictures" from Cage's lesser-known Superman projects. Plus, your chance to vote on whether the original image was Photoshopped or not! » 9/25/09 4:08pm 9/25/09 4:08pm

Lex Luthor Needs A Billion Dollar Bailout

Oh yes, that is Mad Men's Jon Hamm asking our government for a billion bucks because his previous "trying to kill Superman" project hasn't gone as well as he'd hoped. » 3/11/09 1:00pm 3/11/09 1:00pm

Don Draper Solves the Alien Problem With Scotch

At the premiere for Day the Earth Stood Still, we nabbed cast member Jon Hamm and asked what his Mad Men character Don Draper would do to stop angry alien Klaatu. » 12/11/08 7:00am 12/11/08 7:00am

Klaatu Comes To Madison Avenue

The delay-plagued The Day The Earth Stood Still remake gained a shot of credibility with the casting of Jon Hamm, fresh from his Golden Globe nod for Mad Men. The movie, also starring Keanu Reeves (playing the alien Klaatu) and Jennifer Connelly, started principal photography Dec. 12. [Reuters] A new Jericho pic, plus… » 12/21/07 6:00am 12/21/07 6:00am