What if Earth's continents were set up according to Disney's It's A…

Jonah Adkins — who previously laid out the cartography of Lost and Fringe — has now mapped out the nations of the world as delineated by the earwormingly famous Disney boat ride It's A Small World. Ah, the unknown geopolitics of the United States sharing a border with New Guinea. You can buy a print here, and check… » 7/12/12 9:15am 7/12/12 9:15am

A Detailed Map Showing all the Mysteries of Fringe

Fringe doesn't come back for another couple months, but we haven't stopped obsessing about that baffling cliffhanger, and all the questions that the show has left us struggling with. » 6/22/11 5:31pm 6/22/11 5:31pm

Professional cartographer creates the best map of Lost's island yet

We've seen a lot of maps of Lost's mysterious lush-but-deadly island — but none as beautiful as this creation by Jonah Adkins, a professional cartographer/analyst for a DOD contractor, who's been working on Lost maps for four years. » 6/15/10 9:30am 6/15/10 9:30am