Jonathan Franzen: More authors should pay attention to the questions science fiction raises

"To be honest, I'm thinking much more about science than about religion when I'm writing. To me, art itself is a religion and the challenge to it is not religion, it's the hardcore materialism of science. So I spend quite a bit of time trying to make sense of how I seem to have a soul, I have this ghostly… »1/31/12 11:20am1/31/12 11:20am


Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock And Elmore Leonard's Indispensible Writing Advice

Get yourself a master class in writing from some of the best living writers. The Guardian has been collecting ten writing tips each from some amazing wordsmiths. Among my favorites: Jonathan Franzen, “The reader is a friend, not an adversary or a spectator.” Elmore Leonard, “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.”… »2/22/10 12:30pm2/22/10 12:30pm