The Odd Children's Books That Taught Jonathan Lethem About Storytelling

Some of the best children's books are actually quite strange, even dreamlike. And this is especially true of kids' books from the 1960s and 1970s. In an interview with BoingBoing, author Jonathan Lethem talks about the kids' books that he loved, including the "mysterious and rich" Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson (above). »4/14/15 4:19pm4/14/15 4:19pm


Grandmaster of Science Fiction: Theodore Sturgeon

"He understood real people, not just science fiction characters," says science fiction Grand Master Robert Silverberg of legendary author Theodore Sturgeon. Regarded as one of the godfathers of contemporary science fiction and dark fantasy, Sturgeon's stories are considered classics of speculative fiction, and have… »8/23/13 6:32pm8/23/13 6:32pm

Philip K. Dick Festival Comes to San Francisco with Headliner Jonathan Lethem

This September 22-23, you can mingle with Philip K. Dick fans and friends at the annual Philip K. Dick Festival at San Francisco State University. Jonathan Lethem is the guest of honor, and other guests include Dick's former editor Marc Haefele as well as Dick-influenced cultural critic/visionary Erik Davis.… »7/24/12 5:20pm7/24/12 5:20pm

Jonathan Lethem Returns To Science Fiction, With A Gorgeous Downer Of A Story

Jonathan Lethem has a haunting new story of astronauts stranded on a space station in this week's New Yorker »11/12/08 6:20pm11/12/08 6:20pm. "Lostronaut" is a depressingly bleak, yet beautiful, story told in the form of an astronaut's letters home to a loved one. It's the most science fictional thing I've seen from Lethem in ages, and also one of…