Warm Bodies is Romeo and Juliet and Zombies, only better

What if Juliet was a post-apocalyptic scavenger, Romeo was a zombie who ate Paris' brains, and Mercutio was a monosyllabic Rob Corddry? Zombie romcom Warm Bodies takes us to a post-apocalyptic future in which zombies stalk the Earth eating human brains—at least until one walking corpse, R, falls for Julie, one of the… »2/01/13 12:00pm2/01/13 12:00pm


The director of Warm Bodies and 50/50 thinks you're the real zombie

Even though Warm Bodies features as a zombie as its main character, the makers of this film want you to know that really, you're the one who is dead inside. We talked to director Jonathan Levine about the strange and wonderful relationship between death and humor, pop culture and the apocalypse, and Shakespeare and… »1/30/13 1:00pm1/30/13 1:00pm

New Warm Bodies clips show the day-to-day "life" of a zombie

Take another look at the odd horror comedy Warm Bodies starring that little kid from About A Boy, Nicholas Hoult. The whole movie is told from the POV of "R" (he doesn't remember his full name), a zombie with the ability to internally monologue. Think Romeo and Juliet if Romeo was a brain-hungry undead monster. Oh,… »1/09/13 12:45pm1/09/13 12:45pm