The Best Science Fiction Books Published As Paperback Originals In 2014

Every year, the Philip K. Dick Award recognizes the science fiction books that come out straight to paperback, instead of getting a fancy hardcover release first. These are often under-appreciated gems that deserved more fanfare. And the six finalists for 2014 are definitely great picks. » 1/09/15 12:30pm 1/09/15 12:30pm

Read One of The Year's Best Tales: "In Metal, In Bone" By An Owomoyela

Last week, we brought you Jonathan Strahan's essay about finding the year's best short stories for his annual collections — now here's an excerpt from The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 8: "In Metal, In Bone" by An Owomoyela. » 5/19/14 10:51am 5/19/14 10:51am

The New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That You Can't Afford To Miss

The best days of science fiction and fantasy books aren't in the past — they're still arriving. Every month, new books come out that pack a hell of a whallop. Just check out our list of the 23 new books that you absolutely must not miss in May. » 5/14/14 5:20pm 5/14/14 5:20pm

How To Find The Best New Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories

Jonathan Strahan has been editing collections of the year's best short fiction for several years — and it's no easy task. In this essay, Strahan talks about reading a whole year's worth of stories for the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 8.
» 5/12/14 3:30pm 5/12/14 3:30pm

The sale of Night Shade Books is killing the best new science fiction…

We were afraid of this. Now that Night Shade Books is being sold off, this means a premature end to Eclipse Online, the online magazine started by Jonathan Strahan as a continuation of his acclaimed Eclipse book series. » 4/04/13 3:56pm 4/04/13 3:56pm

Sky-Mining is dangerous enough, but when a Deep Storm comes, it's…

One of the year's most exciting anthologies is Edge of Infinity, the new space opera collection that includes masters of the craft like Alastair Reynolds, James S.A. Corey and Gwyneth Jones. It's available now, and it's just $6.99 on the Kindle. We're proud to bring you an exclusive excerpt — a story by Elizabeth Bear… » 12/25/12 3:00pm 12/25/12 3:00pm

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss in…

November's books are bursting with excitement! There's futuristic pulp fiction, swashbuckling excitement, reimagined fairytales... and the return of Miles Vorkosigan. Wild adventures and amazing cleverness await, and you don't want to miss out on all the conversations the cool people will be having about these shiny… » 11/13/12 2:21pm 11/13/12 2:21pm

Jonathan Strahan's acclaimed Eclipse anthology series becomes a free…

One of the great bright spots in the world of short genre fiction has been Jonathan Strahan's Eclipse anthology series — Eclipse Three, in particular, was one of the best anthologies of the past decade. Following in the footsteps of Dangerous Visions and Starlight, Eclipse gathered cutting-edge stories from some of… » 10/05/12 4:00pm 10/05/12 4:00pm

Book Cover Art That'll Make You Wish You Lived on a Space Station

Jonathan Strahan's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year is always a brilliant collection of mind-blowing short stories. But Strahan's collections also always have the best covers. And Volume Six, which comes out in March, has our favorite cover out of all of them so far, by Sparth. » 12/05/11 3:00pm 12/05/11 3:00pm

A Story Collection That Will Give You New Ideas About Story-Telling

Despite its name, the Eclipse anthology series is always luminous. And a new installment of Eclipse is always something to celebrate. » 5/17/11 2:30pm 5/17/11 2:30pm

Are online fiction magazines finally getting more respect?

Two anthologies of the year's best science fiction and fantasy released their tables of contents — and a large number of the stories came from online magazines, plus anthologies of original fiction. Bad news for the print magazines? » 12/03/10 12:58pm 12/03/10 12:58pm

We can't wait to go to Mars next April

A new anthology of Mars stories, coming from Viking next April, includes just about everybody you'd want to see in its table of contents. Kim Stanley Robinson, Kage Baker, Alastair Reynolds, and more. And the cover looks stunning. » 7/12/10 6:20am 7/12/10 6:20am

Strange Visitors And Broken Hearts Will Restore Your Faith In Short…

If you believe in reading short fiction for pleasure, you're condemned to frequent disappointment. Most short fiction, even the good stuff, is... laborious. So when reading the anthology Eclipse Three, you may be startled at the unexpected sensation of enjoyment. » 11/19/09 1:00pm 11/19/09 1:00pm

Steam-Pumpkin Proves Steampunk Needs A Nice Nap

Jonathan Strahan may call steampunk "Victorian cyberpunk," while Paul Cornell dubs it "the moment the future died," but this "steampunk pumpkin" is the ultimate proof of steampunk overload. Since when do pumpkins need to be steam-powered, anyway? [Instructables] » 10/21/09 11:20am 10/21/09 11:20am

3 New Anthologies Bring Werewolves, ADD-Afflicted Drinking Birds, And…

This may be the best era for original anthologies since the days of Dangerous Visions. Jonathan Strahan announced the final list of contributors for Eclipse 3, and it's made of want. Other anthologies promise down-and-dirty werewolves, and stellar flash fiction. » 8/20/09 11:59am 8/20/09 11:59am

Space Opera Has Come Of Age — But Has It Left Humans Behind?

Space opera has come a long, galaxy-spanning way since 1941. With a second book in the New Space Opera series out this summer, we examine the genre's origins, and see how the new book compares. » 5/04/09 3:17pm 5/04/09 3:17pm

Visions That Are Only Dangerous In Their Afterimage

Eclipse Two, the second volume of Jonathan Strahan's original anthology series, lives up to its hype. Some of the genre's strongest short-story writers ply their trade, with no goal but to tell solid speculative tales. » 2/08/09 12:00pm 2/08/09 12:00pm

Why Is Space Opera Unsung?

The New Space Opera, a recent anthology edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan, was supposed to testify to the resurgent vitality of the space-opera sub-genre. Instead, it showcases a new space-opera canon that's listless and cut off from the mainstream, argues reviewer Alan DeNiro in Rain Taxi. Find out why… » 4/08/08 12:00pm 4/08/08 12:00pm