Exclusive reveal of Enemy's optical illusion poster

Is it a key or is it Jake Gyllenhaal and his doppelgänger whispering sweet nothings to each other? We've got the exclusive reveal of the poster for the curious indie movie Enemy, based off the exceptionally trippy book The Double by Jose Saramago. » 3/11/14 12:25pm 3/11/14 12:25pm

You should probably pay attention to Jake Gyllenhaal's twisted Enemy

While we know very, very little about the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring movie adaptation of Jose Saramago's novel The Double, we're starting to see some seriously trippy things in this NSFW trailer. » 2/27/14 1:56pm 2/27/14 1:56pm

The dystopian novel that's turning China upside down

It's 2013, and China's the only country to have survived an economic meltdown. The Chinese own Starbucks, which now serves longan dragon well lattes. So why can't anybody remember an entire month? That's the premise of a new dystopian novel. » 7/29/10 3:30pm 7/29/10 3:30pm

R.I.P. José Saramago, author of Blindness and Seeing

José Saramago, Nobel Prize-winning author of the subversive, savage novels Blindness and Seeing, along with many other great books, has died at age 87. His fables and weird tales have one thing in common: the question "What if?" [NPR] » 6/18/10 3:40pm 6/18/10 3:40pm

Blindness' Dystopian Fable Becomes An Overwrought Movie

The best thing about the movie version of Blindness » 10/03/08 5:00pm 10/03/08 5:00pm is how much it makes you appreciate the transcendent novel by Jose Saramago. The book takes a potentially hackneyed story — everyone goes blind, except for one woman — and turns it into a jarring look at how anything can become normal. At its best, the movie,…

Adapting Saramago's "Blindness" Was A Journey From Horror To Poetry,…

Fernando Meirelles garnered award nominations for City Of God and The Constant Gardener. So he was probably the perfect choice to direct the film version of Blindness, Jose Saramago's terrifying novel about an epidemic of inexplicable blindness. The paralyzes an entire country and reduces civilized city-dwellers to… » 10/03/08 12:44pm 10/03/08 12:44pm

This Year's Children Of Men Gets A Much-Needed Extreme Makeover

Good news: the movie version of Jose Saramago's Blindness » 9/09/08 2:07pm 9/09/08 2:07pm showed at the Toronto International Film Festival the other day, and critics are saying it's improved dramatically from the version that was at Cannes. The painful Danny Glover voiceover? Gone. Some confusing transitions involving Julianne Moore's character?…

Movie Version Of Blindness Wrecks A Classic Novel, Say Critics

After an onslaught of splodey summer movies, we were excited for the movie version of Blindness » 9/03/08 8:20am 9/03/08 8:20am, directed by Fernando Meirelles (). The adaptation Nobel Prize-winning author Jose Saramago's novel takes place in the near future, where cities become ravaged with a mysterious outbreak of blindness. And the government…

The Pettiest Dictator On Earth, In New "Blindness" Trailer

Jose Saramago's novel Blindness is one of the most memorable examinations of humanity's dark side in literature. So the movie adaptation, directed by Fernando Meirelles, has a tough order to fill, even with a cast that includes Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. The film's teaser trailer, which we posted in April, was… » 7/03/08 2:14pm 7/03/08 2:14pm

Trapped In A City Of Dead Eyes

More proof that it's all in the execution: if someone told you a new movie's storyline was like Day Of The Triffids meets Doomsday, you might expect a crazy schlockfest of rubber monsters and kilt-flapping car chases. But then if you throw in that it stars Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo, is based on a novel by a… » 4/07/08 11:20am 4/07/08 11:20am