The Truth Behind The POWER/RANGERS Short, And How You Helped Save It

Last week, director Joseph Kahn dropped his "dark as f*ck" POWER/RANGERS short. Soon, it was pulled from the internet, but now it's back in full NSFW glory. So what happened? In an exclusive interview, Kahn explains how the internet saved his short. Plus why he doesn't think the real Power Rangers show should be this… »3/02/15 1:00pm3/02/15 1:00pm


Detention director Joseph Kahn explains why genres need to die

Veteran music video director Joseph Kahn has created a film that challenges the limits of genre, to a degree that will make your head spin. But Detention isn't just aimed at randomly being meta or ironic, Kahn tells io9 — rather, he's hoping to reflect the reality of youth culture in the age of Twitter and Youtube. »4/13/12 4:14pm4/13/12 4:14pm

Storyboards make the abandoned Neuromancer movie look like a conventional action flick

People have been trying to make a movie of William Gibson's Neuromancer since the mid-1980s, and now Splice/Cube director Vincenzo Natali is trying to make it happen. But for a few years, Joseph Kahn, the director of tons of music videos plus Torque and Detention, was hard at work on a Neuromancer film. »11/18/11 9:40am11/18/11 9:40am

First Look at the Poster for the Movie Version of Neuromancer

We've all been dubious about the idea that anybody could make William Gibson's classic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer »8/01/08 10:00am8/01/08 10:00am into a movie, but this poster gives me hope. I love the abstract, steampunk-meets-dada look of it. Maybe director Joseph Kahn will give us an extraordinary new vision of the book, which captures both its…