New Oblivion trailer shows Tom Cruise playing house in the ashes of Earth

There's a brand new trailer for Tom Cruise's last man on Earth movie Oblivion. This trailer is a bit longer and shows Tommy C. goofing around with cigar-smoking Morgan Freeman and the most beautiful woman to ever be jettisoned out of an escape tube. Does anyone else feel like this whole thing is all the dramatic… »2/28/13 9:01pm2/28/13 9:01pm

First poster for Tom Cruise's Oblivion poster shows off a post-apocalyptic New York city

We've only seen a few tiny glimpses into Oblivion, the next science fiction epic by Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy). But this brand new poster shows off future Earth, with (what we're assuming) is Tom Cruise at the bottom, surveying the Empire State Building-turned-waterfall. Cruise plays a bounty hunter, who lives in… »12/07/12 2:20pm12/07/12 2:20pm