Under the Red Hood cuts through Batman's baggage to reveal the dark…

The latest DC animated movie is a dark, gritty story about crime lords, psychopaths, sociopaths, and warped understandings of justice and family. It encapsulates everything wrong about comics in the last 25 years - and how to do them right. » 8/01/10 4:52pm 8/01/10 4:52pm

DC Makes Decisions To Bring Superheroes Into Politics

While Green Arrow has never made much effort to hide his particular brand of liberalism - including running for (and winning) the role of Mayor of Star City - the same can't be said of other superheroes. Is Batman really the hardline republican that we all suspect him of being? What kind of "American Way" does Superman… » 5/13/08 6:30am 5/13/08 6:30am