At its Best, Vampire Diaries Admits It's A Show About Terrible People

At this point, almost everyone on The Vampire Diaries is a mass murderer — but even more than that, the show is about how our foolish notions of "romance" are a pure distraction from the ugliness of our violent world. And last night's episode beautifully uncovered the unromantic truth about Damon and Stefan. »10/10/14 7:40pm10/10/14 7:40pm


On Vampire Diaries, the moral high road is littered with the corpses of your former allies

Everybody's a murderer on Vampire Diaries. Except maybe Matt and April. Killing is like a badge of pride on that show. At one point in Thursday night's episode, Kol asks Elena if she's killed people, or if she's just a "Mary Sue Vampire." (Heh.) And then there's the clip above, where Klaus asks Damon why Damon gets… »2/02/13 4:00pm2/02/13 4:00pm

Why do all of the grown-ups on The Vampire Diaries suck so much?

There was only one reasonably stable adult human left on The Vampire Diaries — and they just borked him. The vampire-hunting history teacher and surrogate parent Alaric Saltzman has been forever altered by a supernatural plot twist — leaving the CW series with absolutely zero likable adults left who aren't vampires.… »5/10/12 2:33pm5/10/12 2:33pm