Futuristic 1980s Family Wins Sweepstakes Due to Rigorous Toilet-Cleaning

“From a better world” comes a happy, shiny, space-age jumpsuit-wearing family showing off their new Atari computer and video games, won because mom used the right stuff to clean up after them. Once again, Future Mom is stuck doing the dirty work. Screw the jetpack, what good is the future without a toilet-cleaning… »8/05/08 4:07pm8/05/08 4:07pm


Glass Gowns Will Be the Height of 2000s Fashion, According to 1930s Experts

Zip-off sleeves, glass gowns, aluminum dresses, and towering hairdos to give Amy Winehouse a run for her money: they're what women will be wearing in the far future of 2000—at least according to this newsreel report from the 1930s. Men, it's the ever chic jumpsuit and beard combo for you. Oooo, swish! [via Jezebel] »6/12/08 4:20pm6/12/08 4:20pm