What's The Dumbest Idea For A Star Trek Movie You Can Come Up With?

So the new Star Trek movie finally has a director (Justin Lin) and a release date (July 8, 2016). We're all terrified it's going to be kind of rushed, and maybe kind of dumb. But what's the worst that could happen? I bet we can come up with something. What's the absolute dumbest Star Trek movie plot you can think of? » 12/24/14 2:00pm 12/24/14 2:00pm

Star Trek's New Director Is Fast and Furious' Justin Lin

Deadline's reporting (and The Hollywood Reporter's confirmed) that Paramount's found its replacement for Roberto Orci: Justin Lin, best known for a bunch of the Fast and Furious movies. Oh, and Community's "Modern Warfare." » 12/22/14 11:00pm 12/22/14 11:00pm

Terminator 5 would have resurrected Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in…

Whatever happened to Justin Lin's Terminator 5 movie? A couple years ago, the Fast Five director was signed up to take over the Terminator franchise. And hopefully wash the taste of Terminator Salvation out of our mouths. » 10/15/12 11:07am 10/15/12 11:07am

Another Setback for Terminator 5

A fifth (and maybe sixth) installment in the Terminator series seemed like a questionable notion, until maverick producer Megan Ellison (who helped produce True Grit) won a bidding war for the film rights. Since then, we've been cautiously optimistic — but the next Terminator sequel keeps having setbacks. » 9/21/11 8:20am 9/21/11 8:20am

Can indie film financier Megan Ellison save the Terminator franchise?

Indie film financier Megan Ellison has started an all-out bidding war for the Terminator movie rights against Lionsgate. Which means the new Terminator movie could actually be made a studio that isn't merely out to sell licensing rights to Slurpee. » 5/12/11 11:30am 5/12/11 11:30am

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back in Terminator 5

More proof that a real Terminator is hard to kill! Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to be in the fifth Terminator flick being directed by Fast Five's Justin Lin. Can this new film wipe Terminator Salvation from our memories forever? » 4/27/11 6:40am 4/27/11 6:40am