K-9 Series Premiere Goes Up Against Doctor Who's Return

The not-at-all ill-advised K-9 series has announced the date of its UK and Australia premiere. The show debuts Saturday, April 3 - which just happens to be when an obscure little science fiction show called Doctor Who makes its return. » 3/26/10 10:23am 3/26/10 10:23am

Claymation Science Heroes Wallace And Gromit Are Coming Back!

The most intrepid space explorers and monster-fighters ever to be made of clay are coming back to our screens later this year, and they've built "robotic kneading arms" to help with their bakery business. The first images from the next Wallace And Gromit short, "A Matter Of Loaf And Death," went online — and they showcase… » 6/12/08 12:03pm 6/12/08 12:03pm

The Robots That Launched The Cute-Bot Revolution

Wall-E may be the cutest lil robot ever to hit our screens, but he's also the latest in a long line. It seems like wherever you go in scifi, you have to step over a cute chirpy little bot, who whistles, or tweets out a little catchphrase — including R2D2 from Star Wars, Twiki from Buck Rogers and K-9 from Doctor Who.… » 3/04/08 4:00pm 3/04/08 4:00pm