A New Pacific Rim Prequel Comic Will Provide The Jaeger Action You Want

Pacific Rim 2 is still a long way off, but if you're hankering for some more hot Jaeger/Kaiju battles, you won't have to wait much longer: a new comic miniseries from Legendary will fill in the gap between the first movie and the previous graphic novel prequel. Update: Now with glorious High-Res art! » 3/25/15 11:20am 3/25/15 11:20am

How The New Godzilla Found His Impressive Roar

Take a deep dive into the sound design behind this year's Godzilla movie. The lengths this team went to was pretty spectacular. Including capturing that awful "hand-on-balloon" sound for the alien pulsing sounds, and recording with microphones that capture sounds above human hearing to make the creature's vocals. So… » 12/24/14 11:21am 12/24/14 11:21am

Hollywood Is Spending Billions To Turn VFX Into Art, And That's Awesome

The movie industry has been going all-out, for the past decade, to overwhelm us with incredible images of superhero battles, space action, and dragons. Movie budgets skyrocket. IMAX screens pulsate. It's all kind of overwhelming. And, you know what? That's kind of excellent. » 11/17/14 12:20pm 11/17/14 12:20pm

What Dating Is Like In A City Plagued By A Giant Rampaging Kaiju

All cities have their problems, but this city is perpetually dealing with a fire-breathing monster that forces people to change plans, ignore relationship problems, and—oh yeah—run for their lives. This short comedy follows a group of self-centered 20-somethings navigated life in the shadow of Gammatar. » 11/13/14 8:00pm 11/13/14 8:00pm

Godzilla Honest Trailer Is Painfully Spot-On

Personally, I loved the new Godzilla movie. But the film as a whole was not without its problems. Enter Honest Trailers, which has just gleefully eviscerated the many, many problems with this monster movie. Including the MUTO totally being Mothra while not being Mothra. » 9/09/14 4:40pm 9/09/14 4:40pm

The Godzilla Sequel Will Feature Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah!

Straight from Comic-Con, Legendary Films has announced that Godzilla 2 will be happening, and piling on the classic kaiju — including Godzilla's pals Mothra and Rodan, as well as his three-headed archenemy King Ghidorah! Can't. Wait. » 7/26/14 1:10pm 7/26/14 1:10pm

The Best Mecha Kaiju Ever. That Is All.

Concept artist Greg Broadmore, creator of Doctor Grordbort and many fine creatures for Peter Jackson's Weta Studios, has done it again. He's created a monster so blisteringly awesome that it almost defies words. Meet the MECHA-HOP. I love the way its spine looks like a bike chain. » 6/30/14 4:59pm 6/30/14 4:59pm

Pacific Rim 2 Is Coming In April 2017!

Praise Cthulhu — we are going to get "more Jaegers and more Kaiju, kicking each other's butts" in 2017, according to this announcement from director Guillermo del Toro. Pacific Rim 2 has been greenlit for April 2017. Plus there'll be an animated series and more comics. » 6/26/14 7:06pm 6/26/14 7:06pm

Real-Life Animals We Want To See As Gigantic Movie Monsters

Pay attention, Syfy original movies gang and indie kaiju filmmakers. These are the animals we want to see in your next flick, eating cities and whirling trains around like nunchucks. They may come from the real world, but they look like they've already gotten the Roger Corman treatment. » 6/23/14 3:48pm 6/23/14 3:48pm

Why Godzilla Kicked Pacific Rim's Ass at the Box Office

Though Pacific Rim was arguably a more original and complex movie than Godzilla, it fizzled at the box office — while Godzilla's formulaic fun earned so much money its first weekend that the studio has already ordered a sequel. What made one giant monster movie succeed where the other failed? » 5/22/14 3:38pm 5/22/14 3:38pm

How Do You Get Inside Godzilla's Head?

That's the question that author (and io9 commenter!) Greg Cox faced, as he wrote the novelization of the new Godzilla movie, out tomorrow. In this essay, Cox explains how he coped with getting inside Godzilla's head — and why he avoided doing so as much as possible. Plus read the first chapter! » 5/19/14 11:16am 5/19/14 11:16am

This Could Have Been The Face Of The New Godzilla

The great thing about the new Godzilla movie is how perfect the Big G looks. But the designers experimented with some pretty far-fetched ideas, including Fish Godzilla and Dragon Godzilla. We've got exclusive art from the movie's art book. Plus concept artist Eddie Del Rio shared some of his Godzilla art exclusively… » 5/16/14 1:00pm 5/16/14 1:00pm

The Movies You Must Watch To Understand Godzilla

Since he first rose out of the Pacific Ocean to destroy Tokyo in 1954, Godzilla has been an icon. But he's also changed with the times, morphing from a terrifying death monster into a kid-friendly pal and back again. Here's what you need to know about the Big G's cinematic past to understand this complicated kaiju. » 5/15/14 1:15pm 5/15/14 1:15pm

Gareth Edwards Explains The Most Important Thing Godzilla MUST Have

Godzilla director Gareth Edwards took on quite a big legacy when he decided to update the classic monster movie — and instead of sexing up our beloved Kaiju, he changed the the story of Godzilla forever. He explains the real events that inspired his monster saga. Spoilers ahead... » 5/13/14 2:30pm 5/13/14 2:30pm

A Marine Biologist Explains Godzilla's Exponential Growth

In 1954, Godzilla was 164 feet tall. With each successive appearance over the past 60 years, his height has increased, so that he now stands at 492 feet. Not bad, given that it took cetaceans 55 million years to go from 8.2 feet to 98 feet in length. Can evolutionary theory help explain Godzilla's rapid growth spurts? » 5/05/14 8:40am 5/05/14 8:40am

"Let Them Fight": Five New Godzilla Clips Will Make You Scream

We are very, very, very, very, very excited about the new Godzilla movie from Gareth Edwards. Very excited. And now we have five clips we can geek out over—full of plot details and Ken Watanabe saying, "LET THEM FIGHT!" Excellent. Watch. » 5/05/14 7:40am 5/05/14 7:40am

A Few Thoughts on the New Godzilla, Written By My 8-Year-Old Self

Murakami's Jellyfish Eyes Is the Pokémon Kaiju Movie of Our Dreams

Famed Japanese pop artist Murakami Takashi has made his first film, and it looks absolutely incredible. You've never seen kaiju like this. » 4/24/14 5:20pm 4/24/14 5:20pm

Ruined Cities And Monster Hunts: The Art Of Godzilla

There's more to the new Godzilla reboot than what we've glimpsed in the trailers so far. This movie has a ton of insane visuals, and some insane set pieces. See for yourself — we've got a ton of new Godzilla concept art, from the book Godzilla: The Art of Destruction. Spoilers ahead... » 4/08/14 6:00pm 4/08/14 6:00pm

Watch the Extended Godzilla Trailer and Know Bryan Cranston's Horror

Warner Brothers just dropped a new, extended trailer for Godzilla. Some of this footage we've seen before, but a decent chunk of it is brand spanking new – including the first publicly released glimpse into why Bryan Cranston's character is so very, very angry. » 4/05/14 3:45pm 4/05/14 3:45pm