Meet the kappa leprechaun, a tiny monster at the nexus of Japanese and Irish folklore

Artist and io9 comrade-in-hanging-out Marcelo Gallegos has tipped us to his delightful yokai mash-up creation, the Kappa Leprechaun. This little guy is the hybrid of A.) those diminutive bastards who bedeviled Darby O'Gill; and B.) flatulent Japanese water sprites. Explains Marcelo of this wee creature: »3/09/12 9:35pm3/09/12 9:35pm


In Japan, you can go on a haunted hayride on a public train

Every August, the Keifuku Electric Railroad company in Kyoto, Japan runs a series of "ghost trains" or "yokai trains" on weekend evenings. On these trains, spirits and monsters from Japanese mythology scare the heck out of children who are shocked and betrayed that their parents would make them ride an electrical… »8/24/11 10:30am8/24/11 10:30am