2013 Nebula nominees show the new face of science fiction and fantasy

The most exciting new authors of science fiction and fantasy include Ann Leckie, Sofia Samatar and Helene Wecker, according to the 2013 Nebula nominations. They join veterans like Neil Gaiman, Nicola Griffith and Karen Joy Fowler. The overall nominee list is incredibly strong and reflects the range of voices in SF in… » 2/25/14 12:45pm 2/25/14 12:45pm

This book is a masterpiece about sisters who are a science experiment

Karen Joy Fowler is the author of mega-bestseller The Jane Austen Book Club, but she has another life writing incredible science fiction short stories. With her new novel We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, she's brought her flair for witty character drama together with a tragic story about science. This novel will … » 5/29/13 4:00pm 5/29/13 4:00pm

Proof that Molly Gloss Deserves to Be One of Your Favorite Authors

Molly Gloss is one of the best writers you've probably never read. Though she fits, both chronologically and thematically, into a cohort of female genre writers of feminist-inflected, anthropological SF — a group that includes Eleanor Arnason, Karen Joy Fowler, and of course Ursula K. Le Guin — Gloss is probably the… » 12/06/12 4:00pm 12/06/12 4:00pm

10 Debut Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels That Took the World by…

This month, many of us are trying to pound out a novel. The ultimate dream is to break into the publishing world with a debut that makes people sit up and take notice. And there's some good news on that front — some of science fiction and fantasy's most beloved writers have made a splash with their very first published … » 11/03/11 10:08am 11/03/11 10:08am

September Books Offer Time Travel, Vampires, and Viral Marketing

September is upon us, bringing new novels from William Gibson, Guillermo del Toro and Cherie Priest. Plus: postmodern time travel, zombie relationship tips, and the ultimate smackdown between vampires and alien invaders! » 9/01/10 12:48pm 9/01/10 12:48pm

Strange Visitors And Broken Hearts Will Restore Your Faith In Short…

If you believe in reading short fiction for pleasure, you're condemned to frequent disappointment. Most short fiction, even the good stuff, is... laborious. So when reading the anthology Eclipse Three, you may be startled at the unexpected sensation of enjoyment. » 11/19/09 1:00pm 11/19/09 1:00pm

3 New Anthologies Bring Werewolves, ADD-Afflicted Drinking Birds, And…

This may be the best era for original anthologies since the days of Dangerous Visions. Jonathan Strahan announced the final list of contributors for Eclipse 3, and it's made of want. Other anthologies promise down-and-dirty werewolves, and stellar flash fiction. » 8/20/09 11:59am 8/20/09 11:59am

Karen Joy Fowler Talks to io9 About Writing in the Future

What happens to old-fashioned storytelling when we spend all our time inventing stories about ourselves and other people online? Do stories become less magical? Does ordinary life become more science fictional? Last week I sat down with Karen Joy Fowler, author of Sarah Canary and the recently-published Wit's End, to… » 4/22/08 3:19pm 4/22/08 3:19pm

Karen Joy Fowler's Wit's End is Science Fiction in the Present

Bewildered by the death of her father, a woman named Rima finds her balance by plunging into a thicket of half-true tales and half-real avatars on the web. Online, she meets her father again — or at least, the many constructs of him he's left behind via a website he's devoted to his writing, and in the fan fiction… » 4/18/08 5:24pm 4/18/08 5:24pm