We can't stop listening to Karen O's Frankenweenie love ballad

We're completely obsessed with Karen O's contribution to Tim Burton's Frankenweenie soundtrack. It's sweet, poppy, retains the Oooweeeeoooohs from old timey black and white horror flicks, and sounds like it was stitched together from great love songs of our past (Mickey & Sylvia's "Love Is Strange" and maybe even a… » 8/21/12 12:40pm 8/21/12 12:40pm

Where The Wild Things Are's Soundtrack Stands At The Hipster Tipping…

You can hear the first song off the Wild Things soundtrack from Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame, backed by a beautiful children's choir. But you have to wonder, is there some indie checklist Jonze is ticking off? [Myspace] » 8/25/09 9:30am 8/25/09 9:30am