Karl Lagerfeld holds a fashion show in Superman's Fortress of Solitude

Want more proof that the fashion world is continuing to be rocked by science fiction and futuristic (or really, retro-futuristic) visions? Look no further than these pictures of Karl Lagerfeld's designs showcased at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show. (At which apparently Katy Perry was in the front row.) »3/07/12 2:51pm3/07/12 2:51pm


Is The Fashion Industry The First Step In Robot World Domination?

All over the place, women fashion models are being transformed into something metallic and unearthly. Their shoulders are getting squarer, their faces shinier and more impassive, and their bodies silvery and hard. Could it be the first stage in the impending robot takeover? Warning: gallery includes photo of see-thru… »5/27/09 4:30pm5/27/09 4:30pm