How Almost Human does for robots what Fringe did for mad science

Welcome to Fall TV Week at io9, where we'll be giving you the inside scoop on some of the upcoming TV shows. First up: Almost Human, the new show from Fringe's Joel Wyman and J.J. Abrams. We talked to stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy about how the show makes you root for androids the way Fringe did for mad scientists. »9/03/13 4:05pm9/03/13 4:05pm

12 Great Science Fiction Actors Who Don't Get Enough Props

Science fiction is an actor's dream. The genre has created some breakout stars, like Harrison Ford, but it's also turned scores of working actors into beloved fan-favorites, who work the convention circuit. But here are 12 great science fiction actors who swing for the fences, and just don't get the appreciation they… »5/17/13 1:31pm5/17/13 1:31pm

Are these what the robot cops look like in J.J. Abrams new TV series Human?

J.J. Abrams Robocop series Human pairs a jaded (but still human) Karl Urban with an android cop, played by Michael Ealy. While Ealy isn't in any of these on location shots from the recent shooting of Human, a bunch of emotionless mannequin-looking cops are. Check out the creepers behind Urban — are these the future… »3/27/13 2:07pm3/27/13 2:07pm

J.J. Abrams's robot cop show Human has found its human cop, and it's Judge Dredd

When we last talked about Human, J.J. Abrams' upcoming human cop/robot cop TV show, we were discussing how Californication's Michael Ealy had taken the role of the android. We were also calling it Untitled J.J. Abrams's Robot Cop Show, since it didn't have a title. But now it has a title — Human — as well as an actual »3/12/13 3:40pm3/12/13 3:40pm

Learn everything you need to know about Judge Dredd's war on drugs

What is SLO-MO? How do you use it? What does it do? And how does it mess with your head? This new featurette from Pete Travis' 2000 AD adaptation Dredd explains everything you need to know about the hottest drug in Mega-City One. Plus, they also show how they shoot the sparkly drug scenes, which are crazy gorgeous.… »8/24/12 12:25pm8/24/12 12:25pm

New images from Dredd show off Lena Headey's villainous Ma-Ma

We've seen depictions of Mega-City One' s citizens in slow motion — now check out the actual city and its most dangerous inhabitant, Ma-Ma. Dredd has just dropped a bunch of stills showing the slums of Peach Trees Tower (where much of the film takes place) and a full-face shot of Lena Headey as the film's antagonist. … »7/20/12 12:45pm7/20/12 12:45pm

Dredd is a brutal action flick with both a high body count and a brain

Tonight we got our first look at Dredd, the rebooted adaptation of Britain's favorite dystopian super-cop, Judge Dredd. Yes, this movie is ultra-violent, and no, Karl Urban doesn't take his helmet off. But amidst the bullets and blood, Dredd leaves some questions about its heroes' role in their dystopian society while… »7/12/12 5:31am7/12/12 5:31am

Did Karl Urban just reveal Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek villain?

For months now, rumors have percolated about exactly which Star Trek villain Benedict Cumberbatch will be bringing to live in the second J.J. Abrams-directed Trek movie. And now, it seems as though Karl Urban, who plays Dr. McCoy, has casually let the answer slip in the middle of a Dredd junket. But is Urban telling… »7/09/12 5:26pm7/09/12 5:26pm