Hang this sexy literary pin-up art with pride, and support new writers!

Science fiction and fantasy books are full of amazing female characters, who live on in your mind after you finish reading. And now, a new pin-up calendar celebrates some of the greatest heroines — like this Cory Doctorow-inspired image. Check out more below! » 11/22/13 1:49pm 11/22/13 1:49pm

Kate Wilhelm's Sweet Birds: How protecting a species can endanger it

The musical, measured Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, by Kate Wilhelm — which won the Hugo in 1977 — is an artful admixture of clones and poetry, with a message that'll never get old. » 9/26/10 10:00am 9/26/10 10:00am

The Top 10 Science Fiction Stories By Women Authors

Want to find some great reads? Check out White Queen author Gwyneth Jones' list of the top 10 science fiction novels written by women, in today's Guardian. Her selections range from classics like Ursula LeGuin's Left Hand Of Darkness and Kate Wilhelm's Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang to new releases like Justina… » 7/22/08 12:40pm 7/22/08 12:40pm