Star Wars: Episode VII is coming in 2015 whether it's ready or not

Uh-oh. Seeing as it's almost the end of 2013, it's going to take a mountain of post-production work, and it just got new scriptwriters, it seems almost impossible that Star Wars: Episode VII would make its summer 2015 release date. But don't tell Disney, because they're premiering it then no matter what. » 10/31/13 11:50am 10/31/13 11:50am

John Williams will officially score Star Wars: Episode VII

Legendary film composer John Williams, the man behind the music for all six Star Wars films and master of the science fictional leitmotif, will return to score Star Wars: Episode VII! Here's what he has to say about his return to the Star Wars universe – including his thoughts on director J.J. Abrams. » 7/27/13 10:20am 7/27/13 10:20am

The first stand-alone Star Wars movie could center on Yoda

A big, fat Star Wars rumor is circling the internet about the batch of Star Wars movies Disney is cooking up. We all know that J.J. Abrams is going to direct Episode VII, but the mouse house isn't just going to make Star Wars movies that continue on the Skywalker story. Disney has plans to make a collection of … » 2/05/13 7:50am 2/05/13 7:50am