Michael Moorcock Can't Read "Transhumanist" Fiction Because It's Not About …

Interviewed by BoingBoing's readers, New Wave legend Michael Moorcock says he's disconnected from science fiction that gets too abstract: "I'm not entirely sure about transhumanist fiction. It holds no attractions for me. Assuming I really know what it is. I've only really ever been interested in 'humanist' fiction.… » 6/19/09 3:42pm 6/19/09 3:42pm

Our Latest Award-Winners Have A Murder Mystery Theme

This year's Philip K. Dick Award goes to Adam-Troy Castro's detective story Emissaries From The Dead and David Walton's Terminal Mind. And meanwhile, Ken McLeod's intricate murder mystery The Night Sessions won the BSFA Award. » 4/13/09 4:10pm 4/13/09 4:10pm