Kenyan TV show imagines European refugees fleeing to Africa in 2062

Kenyan TV series Usoni plans to flip the script on immigration stories by imagining a future in which the sun is no longer visible in most parts of the world, leaving Africa as the sole oasis of sunshine. » 11/17/13 3:30pm 11/17/13 3:30pm

What Kenya's Mall Siege Reveals About the Urban Future of War

A 2003 article in the Military Review has proven darkly prescient with last weekend’s terrorist siege of an indoor shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Written by two retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonels, the piece outlines the emergence of modern-day siege warfare tactics, or the invasion of large architectural… » 9/25/13 6:11pm 9/25/13 6:11pm

Drought-stricken Kenya is sitting on 250-trillion liters of groundwater

With the world as thoroughly mapped and monitored as it is, it's easy to forget the Earth still harbors its fair share of secrets. Case in point: yesterday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization announced that Kenya's drought-striken Turkana County sits, rather ironically, atop a… » 9/11/13 1:42pm 9/11/13 1:42pm

Kenya uses a science fiction book to teach children ethnic tolerance

Can a story about superheroes and alien monsters help to overcome ethnic divisions? That's what Kenya Human Rights Commission hopes. After a survey showed that six out of 10 children feel pressured by their parents to discriminate against other ethnic groups, the KHRC developed a storybook for kids aged 9-16 called … » 9/17/12 4:28pm 9/17/12 4:28pm

This plucky "Beetlecam" photography droid gets in hungry lions' faces

To capture the lions of Masai Mara on camera, British wildlife photographer William Burrard-Lucas devised with an ingenious solution — his wheeled, shielded, and camouflaged Beetlecam. After teasing out the kinks of his first model, he set this new version to roam around the Kenyan savannah. As you can see above,… » 3/08/12 12:10pm 3/08/12 12:10pm

Aging elephants are a bunch of rampaging hooligans

In my continuing efforts to highlight which members of the animal kingdom are just total jerks - looking at you, freeloading wolves! - I present the case of farm-raiding, crop-stealing elephants, and the young elephants who follow their bad example. » 2/26/12 3:00pm 2/26/12 3:00pm

Humans have been using tools for 300,000 years longer than we thought

Our hominid ancestors Homo erectus turned rocks like this into complex tools nearly two million years ago...hundreds of thousands years earlier than previously thought. The new find helps fill in some crucial blanks in our evolutionary history. » 8/31/11 2:15pm 8/31/11 2:15pm

Helping out strangers is hard-wired into human nature

Humans are the only animals who display loyalty to individuals we don't personally know. Scientists had assumed this was a new development made possible by the rise of centralized governments. But it might actually be part of how we evolved. » 6/13/11 3:20pm 6/13/11 3:20pm

Homemade African aircraft are salvagepunk cool (even if they're not…

In the last couple years, amateur engineers from Africa have built DIY planes and helicopters out of recycled parts. These rigs look undeniably bad-ass, even if it's unclear whether they can get off the ground. » 10/13/10 8:00am 10/13/10 8:00am

The dehydrated dystopia of Pumzi is absolutely gorgeous

We've been psyched for Pumzi, Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu's water war featurette, ever since it made a splash at Sundance. The film may be only 20 minutes long, but Kahiu's depiction of a parched authoritarian arcology is stunning. » 6/21/10 6:10pm 6/21/10 6:10pm

Kenyan Short "Pumzi" Explores Life After The Water Wars

One of the standout science fiction films at this year's Sundance Festival is Wanuri Kahiu's short Pumzi, set in Kenya of the future, after water wars have decimated humanity. With its African futurist look, this could be another District 9. » 1/25/10 8:20am 1/25/10 8:20am

She lives in a repressive culture that tries to dismiss her discovery,…

Your Car Is Your Own Personal Spy

Click to viewA new mobile phone-based device called Block&Track, the result of several homebrew hacks by a young Kenyan inventor, acts as a quick and dirty car theft prevention gadget. The device sits in your car and sends a message to your cell phone when somebody starts the engine. At that point, you can send a… » 8/11/08 8:00am 8/11/08 8:00am

Reaping the Flip Flop Harvest on Kenya's Polluted Coast

Plastic flip flop sandals discarded in the oceans off the coast of Asia have formed a new kind of fauna on the coast of Northern Kenya. So many sandals wash ashore that over the past decade locals have begun harvesting them, turning them into colorful toys, and selling them for more money than they could make from… » 11/12/07 7:40am 11/12/07 7:40am