What Kenya's Mall Siege Reveals About the Urban Future of War

A 2003 article in the Military Review has proven darkly prescient with last weekend’s terrorist siege of an indoor shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Written by two retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonels, the piece outlines the emergence of modern-day siege warfare tactics, or the invasion of large architectural… »9/25/13 6:11pm9/25/13 6:11pm

Drought-stricken Kenya is sitting on 250-trillion liters of groundwater

With the world as thoroughly mapped and monitored as it is, it's easy to forget the Earth still harbors its fair share of secrets. Case in point: yesterday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization announced that Kenya's drought-striken Turkana County sits, rather ironically, atop a… »9/11/13 4:42pm9/11/13 4:42pm

Kenya uses a science fiction book to teach children ethnic tolerance

Can a story about superheroes and alien monsters help to overcome ethnic divisions? That's what Kenya Human Rights Commission hopes. After a survey showed that six out of 10 children feel pressured by their parents to discriminate against other ethnic groups, the KHRC developed a storybook for kids aged 9-16 called … »9/17/12 7:28pm9/17/12 7:28pm

This plucky "Beetlecam" photography droid gets in hungry lions' faces

To capture the lions of Masai Mara on camera, British wildlife photographer William Burrard-Lucas devised with an ingenious solution — his wheeled, shielded, and camouflaged Beetlecam. After teasing out the kinks of his first model, he set this new version to roam around the Kenyan savannah. As you can see above,… »3/08/12 3:10pm3/08/12 3:10pm