Kepler Breaks The 1,000-Planet Barrier With More Confirmed Discoveries

The Kepler Space Telescope has found over 1,000 confirmed exoplanets. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kepler is a planet-hunting powerhouse. Even more impressive? Kepler is already finding new candidates after whirling around to its new view for the continuing mission last month. »1/07/15 3:04am1/07/15 3:04am


All 1,200 newly discovered exoplanets orbiting in one gigantic solar system

This amazing video brings together all 1,236 exoplanet candidates that the Kepler telescope has spotted, and it imagines how they would look all together in a single solar system. All the planets are to scale and in the correct relative positions to their star. Prepare to be blown away by just how crowded our galaxy… »2/08/11 7:30pm2/08/11 7:30pm