Our galaxy is home to more than 50 billion planets...and 500 million potentially habitable ones

The Kepler telescope discovered more than 1,200 planets in just one tiny corner of the Milky Way. Crunching the numbers, a conservative estimate says there should be at least fifty billion planets in the entire galaxy, and about 500 million of those should be inside the habitable zone. But how many of those planets… »2/20/11 10:00am2/20/11 10:00am

Kepler Telescope discovers 1200 new worlds...and at least five potentially Earth-like planets

In fifteen years, astronomers have detected just over 500 planets orbiting other stars. Now, after less than two years in orbit, the Kepler telescope has more than tripled that figure, discovering more than 1,200 possible new worlds. Even better, at least 54 of them are in their star's habitable zone, and five of… »2/03/11 1:45pm2/03/11 1:45pm