Why We Should Let the Robots Take Over

Wired's Kevin Kelly has penned an article in which he argues that we should let robots take our jobs — a welcome development that will help us to "dream up new work that matters." Moreover, it will be through this process that humanity can liberate itself from dangerous and demeaning work, and allow us to become… » 12/26/12 1:30pm 12/26/12 1:30pm

What's your favorite highly improbable future?

If we ever manage to travel faster than the speed of light, we must first imagine that it is possible for us to do so — Theory of Relativity be damned. » 6/24/11 9:30am 6/24/11 9:30am

Robert Heinlein's Bizarre Fan Mail Response Letter

When Kevin "Wired" Kelly worked with the Whole Earth Catalog, he happened to receive a piece of mail from renowned scifi author Robert Heinlein. Apparently Kelly had mailed Heinlein, and in response he got this bizarre form letter that Heinlein sent to all his correspondents. The author would simply check the… » 9/10/08 5:00pm 9/10/08 5:00pm

Meet the Bloggers at io9

I'm Annalee Newitz, editor of io9, and I'll be your pilot on this ride across time and space and your imagination and all that crap. The first time I saw Star Wars I got so excited that I threw up. I learned about sex from reading John Varley novels about creatures with three sets of genitals living inside a giant… » 1/03/08 6:00am 1/03/08 6:00am

The Internet Uses 5% of Global Electricity

Futurist Kevin Kelly has done a back-of-the-napkin calculation showing that the Internet uses about 5% of global electricity. This number doesn't include mobile devices that require charging up. This power-sucker has gone from using a tiny percentage of global electricity just 15 years ago, to using 5%. And as the… » 10/20/07 3:15pm 10/20/07 3:15pm