The new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a magical mystery tour through Alan Moore's head

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century - 1969 sees Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Britannic literary superteam in Love Generation London, where Aleister Crowley analogue Oliver Haddo conspires with Terner Purple, a thinly veiled reference to Mick Jagger's role in the rock-and-roll drama Performance. » 7/30/11 3:10pm 7/30/11 3:10pm

Fear And Outdated Loathing In New Marshal Law Novel

While the world awaits the Watchmen » 10/30/08 6:30am 10/30/08 6:30am movie, another 1980s classic comic series from two British creators that took a new look at superheroes is trying to make a comeback. Twenty-one years after his first appearance, how does measure up to today's superhero-saturated culture?Titan Books' new release collects two…

Legendary Comic Book Illustrator Kevin O'Neill to Draw Winning Entry in Mad Scientist Contest

If you are entering our mad science contest » 8/25/08 12:25pm 8/25/08 12:25pm, we've got a treat for you (and for io9 readers). We've just gotten confirmation that Kevin O'Neill, the comic book artist who created all the amazing art for Alan Moore's books, will draw one of the winning contest entries. So you have a chance to get your synthetic…