Hercules Is A Pegasus-Flying Detective Of The Future

Legacy Filmworks is are producing five films based on the comic titles from Arcana. First of the five will be Paradox, starring the lovely locked Kevin Sorbo and directed by Stargate Atlantis alum Brenton Spencer. Sorbo is a homicide detective on a parallel Earth ruled by magic... until someone commits a crime using… » 12/22/08 4:30pm 12/22/08 4:30pm

Lance Henriksen And C. Thomas Howell Join Kevin Sorbo In The Illuminati Saga

Bishop, Hercules and Pony Boy all in one movie — am I drunk? The trio are joining the ancient-secret-society movie, Illuminati » 11/12/08 8:00am 11/12/08 8:00am. Sorbo plays the club's assassin who wants to quit his day job and start using his keen killing skills for good. Henriksen plays a high ranking member of the Illuminati, and Howell's character…

Kevin Sorbo Talks Breeding With Reptiles And Assasin Work In New Illuminati Film

The Mighty Hercules and Andromeda Captain, Kevin Sorbo, has a new mission: escape the evil secret society whose head hitman he used to be. In his new movie The Illuminati » 10/31/08 2:19pm 10/31/08 2:19pm, Sorbo gets to kick a little ancient secret society butt, and dabble with all sorts of deadly weaponry. We got a chance to pick Sorbo's brain about…