J.J. Abrams admits lying about Star Trek 2's Khan was a mistake

The most irritating part of Star Trek Into Darkness was the reveal of Benedict Cumberbatch as Kirk's arch-nemesis Khan, because 1) J.J. Abrams swore for months, multiple times, that the character was not Khan, but 2) we all knew Cumberbatch had to be playing Khan because it wasn't worth keeping any other character… » 12/02/13 12:42pm 12/02/13 12:42pm

Khan almost wasn't Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness

In the months leading up to the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, we got a lot of "Is he or isn't he?" teases as to whether Benedict Cumberbatch's character would be Khan Noonian Singh. Screenwriter Roberto Orci reveals in a new interview that, even during the scripting phase, there was a lot of debate about whether… » 9/14/13 11:00am 9/14/13 11:00am

Star Trek "Space Seed" poster sells out in just one hour

Looking at this amazing information-rich poster celebrating the Star Trek episode "Space Seed," the first product of CBS' new partnership with Mondo, it's easy to see why it sold out in just an hour. Oh, and Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! [Mondo via TrekToday] » 6/10/10 7:30am 6/10/10 7:30am

Shatner And Khan Together Again. Did Abrams Save The Best For Star Trek…

We know J.J. Abrams tried to for a William Shatner cameo in his new Star Trek, but it never worked out. But Abrams is leaving the door open for future cameos. And Khan's invited too. » 5/18/09 7:00am 5/18/09 7:00am

Choose Your Next Star Trek Villains

No sooner has Star Trek been released than people have started throwing around ideas for a sequel. Klingons? Khan? The Borg? We'd like your opinions, please: Who should NuKirk jerk around next? » 5/14/09 9:00am 5/14/09 9:00am

False Advertising In Star Trek Movie Posters: A Complete History

Movie posters used to be simple and dignified, until marketing departments realized that the more sensational the poster, the more ticket-buyers. It's like the cover of a comic book: You might see an image of Batman riddled with bullets and dead, but that never takes place in the actual story itself. Star Trek has… » 4/03/08 3:38pm 4/03/08 3:38pm

The Seven Best Torture Porn Scenes in SciFi

Nothing warms the hearts and soothes the soul at holiday time like a hot laser slicing through your pain receptors. That's why we put together this list of the top seven torture scenes from science fiction, including one that spawned one of the lamest action figures in the world. (We didn't include the Star Wars… » 12/12/07 12:00pm 12/12/07 12:00pm