Why do we want autistic kids to have superpowers?

Tonight sees the launch of Touch, Kiefer Sutherland's show about a father whose non-neurotypical son turns out to be able to predict future events. This comes on the heels of Alphas, which also gave us Gary, another person who appears to be on the autism spectrum but who has the ability to see hidden energies. And the… »1/25/12 2:21pm1/25/12 2:21pm

Watch the first Trailer for Fox's Touch, in which Kiefer Sutherland's disabled son is a secret superhero

Check out the first trailer for Fox's spring drama series about Kiefer Sutherland and his special little boy. Turns out Sutherland's child, who doesn't communicate and climbs cell phone towers, can see the present, past and future all at once. And now it's up to Kiefer to decipher his kid's coded message — which is… »10/07/11 9:30am10/07/11 9:30am