Blistering visions of lava meeting the ocean this week in Hawaii

It's not an uncommon sight on Hawaii's Big Island, but it's awesome every time it happens. Over the weekend, lava from Kilauea — which has been erupting constantly for nearly 30 years — found its way down to the ocean. It had to travel 7 miles over rocky terrain to get there, and here you can see the spectacular… »11/29/12 7:45pm11/29/12 7:45pm


Kilauea Volcano Restarts Its Fires, Spews Strange New Ash

A crater on the ever-active Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has started to spew a huge plume of ash. The recent explosion, which shut down roads in the area, may be a harbinger of even bigger explosions to come. Above, you can see what happened a few years ago when things got explodey on Kilauea. We've got pictures of the… »3/26/08 5:00pm3/26/08 5:00pm