Why Are Killer Whales Suddenly Hunting Humpbacks?

Not for nothing are Orcas called Killer whales, but reports of their hunting the "great" whales (baleen & sperm whales) have been rare, and there is little consensus as to the importance of such predation. But new evidence suggests that Humpback whale calves are a regular snack for the black and white killers. »12/04/14 1:10am12/04/14 1:10am

SeaWorld Succeeds In Delaying Orca Welfare Bill "For Further Study"

Last month, we reported on a bill introduced to the California State Legislature by Assemblymember Richard Bloom, which would end killer whale performances in the state and begin to phase out their captivity more generally. Today, Bloom's office announced that the vote was delayed for further study. »4/09/14 6:12pm4/09/14 6:12pm

New Law Could End Killer Whale Shows in California

New legislation being proposed in California would begin to phase out the keeping of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in captive environments in the state. Democratic Assemblymember Richard Bloom of the state's fiftieth district announced the bill this morning at a press conference on the Santa Monica Pier. The bill, AB… »3/07/14 6:34pm3/07/14 6:34pm

Killer whale vs. shark brawl will make you happy to stay out of the water

Last Tuesday at New Zealand's Tuatapere's Blue Cliffs beach, bystander David Evans witnessed an orca getting into a shallow water tussle with a gang of sharks. The whale was likely herding the sharks toward the shores, where the fish next encountered an overeager pooch. For another recent, toothy battle to the death,… »12/29/11 5:55pm12/29/11 5:55pm