10 Flashbacks That Totally Changed Our Favorite Stories

A great story has lots of layers, and a rich backstory. When you only see part of the picture, you might reach a snap judgment about what's going on — but then you see events from years ago, that make you rethink everything. Here are 10 flashbacks that turn your understanding of a story upside-down. » 12/29/14 10:25am 12/29/14 10:25am

10 Story Decisions Scifi And Fantasy Writers Ended Up Regretting

There are writers who disown entire books after they've written them, but sometimes writers like their stories on the whole, but feel a twinge of regret over one a small (or not-so-small) detail. Here are a few decisions that the writers, in hindsight, wished they had thought through a little better. » 12/24/14 10:00am 12/24/14 10:00am

The Killing Bluff: Alan Moore plays poker with a few comic book friends

Grant Morrison claims Alan Moore secretly killed the Joker in 1988

Grant Morrison delivered a bit of a mindfuck on Wednesday. Strangely, he didn't do it in one of his own comics, but by revealing the secret end of Alan Moore's seminal Batman graphic novel The Killing Joke — namely, that Batman actually murders the Joker at the end. » 8/16/13 1:23pm 8/16/13 1:23pm

Killing Joke's Torture Porn Gets Turned Into Torture Titillation

Alan Moore may have distanced himself from the majority of movie versions of his work. But how would he feel about the Joker/Batgirl torture scene from The Killing Joke that appears in Epic Win's Holy Sh*t...Batman! Burlesque show? » 3/02/10 7:40am 3/02/10 7:40am

The Existential Loneliness That Unites Batman and the Joker

A university lecturer in philosophy suggests that Gotham's hero and its worst villain share an unwilling awareness of society's fragility — and a profound isolation from others as a result. We're pretty sure we knew this, but validation is nice. » 12/06/09 11:00am 12/06/09 11:00am

The Secret That Made Spider-Man A Killer

He's a giant robot made out of robotic lions! He's the evil crazed clown who stars in this summer's The Dark Knight! And together, Voltron and the Joker are teaming up to fight cri - Wait, wait. I'm sorry. I mean, "Together, Voltron and the Joker are teaming up to bring excitement to your local comic book store this… » 3/18/08 9:00am 3/18/08 9:00am