Kim Jong Il Had A Fan Club And They Really, Really Hated Team America

The official website of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has a forum where Hermit Kingdom groupies from around the world can share their admiration for the Pyongyang regime. When Team America was released, the wrath of fandom was on full display, with one declaring, "Kim Jong Il is really NOT a lonely man." » 12/29/14 9:20am 12/29/14 9:20am

In 1988, Kim Jong-Il gave a speech exhorting North Koreans to write SF

And that's just one fascinating fact about North Korean science fiction contained in a brilliant overview, over at Also: North Korean science fiction never features aliens — or, perhaps not surprisingly, dystopian settings. » 11/25/13 11:45am 11/25/13 11:45am

The Amazing, Colorful Flip Card Propaganda Mosaics of North Korea

Mass flip card mosaics are created by having large groups of people in stadium seating hold up cards that, together, form a complete image. In North Korea, these colorful images often serve as propaganda, celebrating the nation's leaders, prescribed lifestyle, and even its nuclear weapons. » 8/10/13 2:00pm 8/10/13 2:00pm

Supernatural flock of birds mourn dead North Korean despot Kim Jong-Il

As if the synchronized weeping and lachrymose snowstorms weren't enough, North Korean state news is now reporting that divinely anointed flocks of magpies have been flocking to a monument of Kim Jong-Il's father, Kim Il-sung. On December 18, a few dozen magpies landed near a memorial statue in Unsan county and just… » 12/28/11 6:15am 12/28/11 6:15am

A 7-mile pink rainbow for Kim Jong-il

Ben Masterton-Smith, recipient of the inaugural RIBA Norman Foster Traveling Scholarship in 2007, visited North Korea for a period of architectural and spatial research. » 12/24/11 8:30am 12/24/11 8:30am

Footage of synchronized mass mourning for Kim Jong-il is unsettling

While most of the globe seems pretty okay that Kim Jong-il is quite dead, things are considerably more doleful in North Korea. North Korean state news has released footage of the public mourning en masse in Pyongyang today. » 12/19/11 4:05am 12/19/11 4:05am

Kim Jong-il is dead. Here's his monster movie.

Now that lunatic dictator Kim Jong-il has passed on to the great rusty amusement park near the Earth's mantle, we've dug deep in the io9 vaults for a look back at his sole contribution to science fiction cinema, the 1985 kaiju flick Pulgasari. » 12/18/11 7:35pm 12/18/11 7:35pm