How are Charlie Chaplin and World War I different in a world of vampires?

Kim Newman's alternate history Anno Dracula was one of the most bracing alternate histories of its time, as well as one of the coolest vampire stories. And now, the sequel, The Bloody Red Baron, is coming out in a new edition — featuring a brand new novella set in Newman's alternate vampiric World War I. Here's an… »4/13/12 8:00pm4/13/12 8:00pm

If SF Publishing Implodes Once Again, Will You Follow Your Favorite Authors To Porn?

Science fiction publishing imploded in the 1960s, driving writers like Robert Silverberg to write sleazy sex novels — Silverberg wrote 150 trashy novels in five years, explaining that "A dozen or so magazines for which I had been writing regularly ceased publication overnight; and as for the tiny market for s-f novels… »11/23/09 12:30pm11/23/09 12:30pm