This week's comics are chock full of the Age of Apocalypse and the…

It's Comics We Crave here, back again with your Wednesday comic haul. Let's kick things off with this week's #1 issues. First off, one of the more promising scifi debuts this week is Manhattan Project by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra, which is about secret World War II weird science projects: » 3/06/12 10:25am 3/06/12 10:25am

5 Comics You're Not Reading (But Should Be)

You're not new to comics, but you've read all the big names and you're not sure where to go next. Luckily, we're here with five suggestions to make your November bookshelf that little bit heavier. » 11/07/09 12:00pm 11/07/09 12:00pm

Cartoon Megan Fox And Drugged Pussies Fight For Comics Supremacy

Zombies, morally-grey former-supervillains and indie cartoonists giving Megan Fox more personality than she deserves — This week's haul of comics offers up a cornucopia of things to crave, including your second chance to read the best SF comic in years. » 8/25/09 9:00am 8/25/09 9:00am

King City Free At Last

Having his publisher cancel his book and refuse to give him the rights to take it to another publisher hasn't stopped cartoonist Brandon Graham from releasing the second book in his King City series. He's just decided to bootleg it online. » 7/12/08 8:00am 7/12/08 8:00am

A Board Game Even Cthulhu Could Love

Finally, a board game that we would want to play, courtesy of cool comic book creator Brandon Graham, whose critically-acclaimed King City is the tale of boy and his super-cat trying to steal things in a futuristic underground city. Now Graham's made a geeked-out version of Monopoly where "Community Chest" and… » 3/28/08 8:00am 3/28/08 8:00am

Your Pussy Is Underperforming

Sure, your cat may be cute and can do that thing with the string, but can she autopsy a corpse or become a periscope for you to look through, on demand? Those are just two of the talents of the supercat in Brandon Graham's graphic novel King City — and that's not the only science fiction pet that can put yours to… » 3/07/08 8:00am 3/07/08 8:00am