This Was The Killer Blow That Likely Ended The Life Of King Richard III

Researchers at the University of Leicester have found a wound in the interior surface of the cranium belonging to King Richard III. Analysis suggests this was likely the fatal blow that killed the monarch, one delivered by a sword or the top spike of a bill or halberd. » 2/13/15 6:30am 2/13/15 6:30am

King Richard III's Remains Have Been Confirmed To 99.999% Accuracy

The case is officially closed on what's being called the oldest forensic investigation in history. A new genetic analysis is providing incontrovertible evidence that the skeleton found under a parking lot in Leicester belonged to the king, while uncovering new truths about his appearance and lineage. » 12/02/14 9:00am 12/02/14 9:00am

Modern Forensics Reveal Gruesome Details Of King Richard III's Death

Richard III was the last king of England to die in battle. But as a new forensic analysis of his remains shows, he didn't just die in battle — he had the living tar beat out of him. Here's how this king met his maker on that fateful day in 1485. » 9/17/14 9:30am 9/17/14 9:30am