Get some original fantasy art from the great Kiri Moth!

Kiri Moth has been one of our favorite fantasy artists for years — we've featured her art before, and she also designed some banners for io9 a few years ago. It's rare for anybody to get a chance to own an original piece of her artwork — but right now, Kiri is selling off a few pieces, including "Poppies Deer Arrows,"… »8/07/12 6:30pm8/07/12 6:30pm


Beautiful Yaoi Men Of The Cyber World (Maybe NSFW)

Impossibly perfect men float around naked, surrounded by gears and cyber-creatures, in Kiriko Moth's Yaoi art. Yaoi — the Japanese art of showing lovely young dudes, in sexual situations for a female readership — has been building an avid U.S. following. And now artists like Kiriko are bringing Art Nouveau-esque yaoi »2/08/08 7:30pm2/08/08 7:30pm