Ha Ha, Jon Snow Can't Cut His Hair Until Game Of Thrones Ends

Jon Snow may know nothing, but actor Kit Harrington isn't much more informed, at least in terms of contract negotiations. The Game of Thrones star revealed that HBO has the legal power to forbid him from cutting his trademark Jon Snow locks until the show ends or, presumably, his character dies. » 6/12/14 9:30am 6/12/14 9:30am

Jon Snow is a half-naked sex volcano in the first Pompeii pic

Jon Snow apparently knows one thing, and that's ab crunches. That's the only way to explain Kit Harrington's super-ripped, half-dressed body as seen in this first picture from the historical epic Pompeii. Hell, he looks like he's in danger of burning the city down on his own. » 8/21/13 11:45am 8/21/13 11:45am

Jon Snow reveals how dark he's going to go in the new season of Game of…

Jon Snow will be eating, sleeping, and living with the enemy, in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. But does that mean that we'll be seeing a darker version of Eddard Stark's bastard? We caught up with Jon Snow himself, Kit Harrington, who hinted at the terrible deeds we'll be seeing beyond the Wall. » 10/12/12 1:17pm 10/12/12 1:17pm

Jon Snow is in a world of danger, in the first Silent Hill: Revelation

It's been half a dozen years since the first Silent Hill movie — and now it's coming back for this Halloween, with the Fog and the creepy nurses and everything. We saw two fantastically creepy, scary clips in Hall H. » 7/14/12 1:49pm 7/14/12 1:49pm