New "Earth Stood Still" Isn't Just Eco-Horror

If Keanu Reeves seems to be acting a little stiffly in the new remake of the 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, it's entirely intentional. Reeves spent a lot of time thinking about his movements in the film, trying to use his physicality to seem as alien as possible without acting too quirky, director Scott… » 7/07/08 10:20am 7/07/08 10:20am

Keanu's Remake Ruins Our "Day"

December's remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still isn't just jettisoning the original version's storyline, it's also losing most of the things that made the 1950s version cool in the first place, according to a new script review. But at least Keanu Reeves (playing Klaatu) will get to be messianic once again, which is… » 4/09/08 11:14am 4/09/08 11:14am

Space Age Noir in the Original "Day the Earth Stood Still"

I think we're all dreading the remake of stately, spare 1951 classic The Day the Earth Stood Still because the original is still so visually stunning even after all these years. Here, a human who has befriended visiting alien Klaatu has to tell Klaatu's super-robot Gort to help her rescue the endangered alien. The… » 1/03/08 5:30pm 1/03/08 5:30pm