Resist cold weather with this creepy knitted Borg mask

Because normal ski masks don't inspire the terror of species-wide assimilation, Redditor k80k80k80 knitted up a Star Trek Borg head to keep heads cold — and passersby on their toes — come winter. I'd say it could use a red light beaming out from the side, but really, this thing is plenty terrifying as is. » 6/23/12 12:30pm 6/23/12 12:30pm

BBC Destroys Cute Knitted Versions of Doctor Who Monsters

I'm not a big letter-writing campaign person, but a line has been crossed when the BBC starts taking away cute knitted dolls that look like Doctor Who monsters. Apparently some kind of copyright nonsense inspired a wanker at BBC legal to force the nice knitter at Mazzmatazz to remove all the cool patterns posted… » 5/12/08 12:20pm 5/12/08 12:20pm