Fall Comics Preview: A Guide to the Awesome New Comics to Add to Your Pull List

Who needs movies and TV this fall when you’ve got so many comics to read? The next few months are shaping up to be a monumental time for comics—at both publishers big and small. Want to see what’s coming to your pile of must-reads in the next three months? Read on for a sneak peek of over 100 new comics coming soon! » 8/25/15 12:50pm Tuesday 12:50pm

Mega-Publisher Kodansha Changes the Definition of Manga

Manga, or Japanese comics, have been brainfood for hipster pop culture fiends for decades. Sold in fat anthologies like Shonen Jump, the gorgeous, violent, and sometimes romantic titles are imported to the U.S. through a few distributors like Viz Media in San Francisco and scifi publisher Del Rey. Now, in an… » 7/02/08 11:07am 7/02/08 11:07am