India's Time Travel Comedy Has A Great Idea: Take A Selfie With Gandhi

This trailer for the new Tamil time travel film Indru Netru Naalai has a few things going for it. First, the time machine looks hella cool. Second, they draw diagrams, which is an essential part of truly great time travel. And there’s a song about using a time machine to go back and take a selfie with Gandhi. »8/05/15 5:00pm8/05/15 5:00pm


India's Robot Epic Is Dancing In Peru As You Read This

Were you let down by Love Story 2050 »9/09/08 1:31pm9/09/08 1:31pm? Don't give up on Indian science fiction yet - the lavish production is finally starting filming, after a year of . Now known as , the movie is starting filming in the U.S. and Peru, and it's released its first image (which admittedly reminds us a bit of Woody Allen's .) The best…